Hailey Kilgore - “Waiting For Life” & The Dixie Chicks - "Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)"


So today’s feels are just so big they needed two songs. Sometimes that happens. Somedays we feel so much it bursts out of us bubbling at the seams and leaks out like tears in the sun.

The first song is one I’ve loved since the 90’s. There’s actually a soft reprise of this song tagged into another part of the Broadway Musical “Once On This Island” that I can’t seem to find, but if you get to the 0:46 mark in the video you hear her plea to God (the gods) to help her find her life and her freedom, and you can imagine what it feels like when you hear it considerably slower and with more gravity.

Hailey Kilgore does an incredible job picking up the reins and legacy of LaChanze who stared in the original broadway production. Both are incredible performers who bring something unique and magical to the character. Matter of fact I’m giving you the LaChanze version too.

The second song is just an old heartbreak wailer from the Dixie Chicks that I stumbled upon today. It’s so pure and clear. It distills the ache that comes along with waiting for love to walk in the door. I actually learned that the Dixie Chicks didn’t write this one, so I’ll give you the original Singer Songwriter Maria McKee’s version too!

So today, my heart bursting at the seams, I choose Hailey Kilgore’s version of “Waiting For Life” & The Dixie Chicks version of "Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)" as my, no you are not, stop waiting, the next heart you heal will be your own, song for a, hear my prayer, god help me, don’t you quit, Friday.