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Over You (feat. Mark Cramer)

With soft harmonies and a delicate vocal balance this is an acoustic version homage of Ingrid Michaelson's original featuring A Great Big World.

This is a labor of love. After going through some heartbreak and falling in love with Ingrid Michaelson's version of this song, I asked one of my friends, Mark Cramer, to sing it with me. With the help of Craig Hendry, an amazing pianist and vocalist himself (listen for his background vocals) we made something that feels truly magical. 



Soulful and sweet Americana with a country heart, this track loosely tells the story of Reid's Grandfather, a man in love while gone off to war, through rich harmony and a romantic lead vocal.

ReidLee_ToTheLimit_Cover_v06b copy.jpg

To The Limit

Uplifting and powerful, this song is filled with Strings and Guitars and full of Vocal Harmony and Counterpoint, mixing that golden California sound with Americana Pop.


Save The best

The first single off of Reid's upcoming album "Broken Arrows" 

Emotional, impactful, and filled with piano and strings, this is a song about longing, hoping, and fighting for love.

Reid Lee brings his classical training to his country roots and finds a home in the golden California soul reminiscent of that classic Laurel Canyon Sound.

Can't Help Falling In Love

an acoustic piano version of Elvis presley's classic hit. We take it slowly and deliberately, not trying to reinvent the wheel, but trying to honor the song's past and it's timeless message. 

This one goes out to my mama.