M. Tennyson - “Easy”


I have to admit, I was surprised when I first heard this song.  Not because I didn’t expect to hear a beautifully is emotive voice, or a catchy melody, but what I didn’t expect was such a tender telling of truth. On his first jump into the deep end of the music industry pool, M. Tennyson swims confidently and beautifully as if breathing underwater were second nature to him. 


His journey hasn’t been easy. In fact it’s been downright hard. The beauty here is that this hasn’t made him hard. His soft, seductive voice invites you on a journey through love, despair and the crucial pain you have to go through to find the love that matters most; your own.  


I count myself lucky to have watched this journey from the beginning. I have watched him blossom from a hopeful creator into an artist. The quiet, distilled, insistence of this passionate piece slowly let’s you see what it’s like to learn that love and hate are often the same thing and all too frequently given bundled together hand over fist. when you learn the name of something only to find out you’ve been told that name belongs to it’s opposite, well the world is upside down and righting yourself can take decades. 


Thankfully M Tennyson has invited us in to the secret parts of this journey. He has shown us what it feels like to be awake at 4am contemplating the fact that though someone may tell you hey love you what actions show you are not that love. Pain, confusion and miseducation, and the beautiful realization that the only love you need to accept is your own. Thank you Mr. Tennyson, for the gift of you honesty. 


On a personal level. Watching him become this artist has been a beautiful story that I cannot wait for him to share with you. I have been lucky enough to have him in my life for many years as a friend that I call family. We’ve even worked together a few times, and those I very much count as gifts.   I honestly can not wait to see what he gives the world next. I expect nothing less than brilliance, and I highly doubt I’ll be disappointed.


So today, with the light in my eyes and the wind under my wings, I choose M. Tennyson’s “Easy” as my, it takes pressure to make a diamond, polishing to perfection, patience is the simplest form of revenge, song for a, find your light and let it out, beauty in the making, love in the breaking, Friday.