Feature - "Exposed Vocals"

Original Link: https://exposedvocals.com/tube/video/reid-lee-shares-save-the-best/

The Story behind “Save The Best”
“I’ve been in love, but love isn’t always healthy or good for you. As I went down memory lane with clearer eyes (and some therapy), I saw the recurring pattern of behavior in not only myself, but also in my partners as well. For me personally, it stemmed from alcoholism in my family that unfolded later in partners. Abuse can be subtle, it can sneak into your life under the guise of affection, jealousy, or worry; and once it takes root, it grows quickly and can explode without warning.
“This video, is about how the nebulous line between affection and aggression is like the wave on the sand, constantly moving; and just how uncomfortable living in that space can be. The shoreline is constant, but just because you’re dry at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t be flooded when the tide comes in. You can wake up one morning and realize that you’ve slowly let yourself drown because the water kept saying ‘I love you.’”